Carport & Pergolas by Haldane roofing

At Haldane we don’t stop at just installing roofing at your home, we also can install a carport & pergolas that we can construct to add value & style to your home

Car Ports

A Haldane Carport is the perfect solution for your car protection needs. Designed with the home in mind, the quality Australian made components of our Carport & Pergolas are designed to go together easily and safely meaning less time on site at your home.

Designed, tested and manufactured locally by Australia’s only steel building products supplier with over 150 years of experience you can be sure of the quality that’s built in to every Carport we install.

carport & pegolas

Haldane Car Port installed at home

Residential Pergolas

Are you looking for some overhead cover on your property?

why not consider talking to Haldane about Pergola structure that would be custom built to your requirements and finished with polycarbonate roofing sheets. Polycarbonate roofing comes in a huge range of colours and shade factors. This means you are able to chose a colour to suit your home and a shade (or light) level to suit your needs.

carport & pergolas

Entry Porch installed at home

So, if you are considering additions to your current property, call Haldane today on 1300 886 944 to discuss your requirements.